3 Restaurant Hamburger Recipes Inspired By Christmas

Hamburgers are a staple at many restaurants and along with the traditional cheeseburger option, you can expand your menu to offer unique takes on some classic flavors. As the holiday season approaches, mix-up your restaurant menu with hamburger recipes based on Christmas.

The use of hamburger moulder equipment allows you to easily put burgers together without focusing too much on your meal prep. Follow our guide to learn about recipes to try and brainstorm your own unique menu options.

1. The Stocking Stuffer

Just like a real Christmas stocking, you can offer a burger stuffed to the brim with delicious treats. A stocking stuffer burger can include chunks of cheese, bacon, and peppers to create a wide variety of flavors with each bite. For example, you can use red and green peppers to create fun Christmas colors infused into the meal.

The use of a burger moulder allows you to stuff everything inside while maintaining a consistent shape with the burger. As you play around with the recipe, you can find the best ratio of meat to fillings so you get the best flavors and textures. 

2. The Coal Burger

Similar to a stocking theme, you can serve up a burger that reminds guests of a piece of coal Santa would deliver to children on the naughty list. The key to making the burger is not by overcooking the meat, but using seasonings to darken the look of the burger. Seasonings like pepper, paprika, and cayenne combine to create a darkened look on the exterior of the burger.

As you press the burger with a moulder, the seasonings will mix in evenly and give the whole burger a consistent look. You can also top the burger with a darker colored cheese like an Irish Porter cheese. The cheese has dark brown and black colors that will darken the look of your burger. You can also use a black bun to complete the menu option.

3. The Christmas Turkey Burger

Many Christmas dinners involve a baked turkey and you can create the Christmas dinner experience in the form of a burger. You are not just limited to ground beef with a burger moulder. You can create turkey burgers with the seasonings of your choice. Once the burger is cooked, you can top the entrée off with some gravy and a fresh slice of white cheddar cheese.

On the side, you can serve traditional options like cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes instead of french fries.