Keeping Your Commercial Fryer In Good Condition

When you invest in a commercial fryer for your restaurant, it is imperative to clean the device on a daily basis and perform regular maintenance in order to keep the cooking equipment in compliance with local health regulations. This will help to ensure that you enjoy years of trouble-free operation and minimal downtime. The following cleaning and maintenance tips will you to keep your commercial fryer in good condition during its lifespan and improve the safety of your kitchen.

Clean The Coils Each Day

The coils of the deep fryer should be cleaned each time you change the cooking oil.  If you fail to keep the coils clean, it could affect the heat transfer rate of the element when you are cooking. If you rely heavily on the commercial fryer, this means that the coils, also known as elements, should be cleaned on a daily basis.

After you drain the oil from the vat that contains the element, use of mild pot scrubber to remove any food debris and particles from the element and vat walls. Clean the coils with a towel and cleaning solution. You can purchase cleaning solutions from restaurant supply stores by the bucket or in packets. Use a clean towel to dry the elements.

Clean Fry Baskets Daily

Clean the fry baskets at the end of each day when the fryer is in use. Baskets endure a lot of wear and tear and if you let cooking oil build up on the equipment, your food will begin to taste rancid. It is also not hygienic and is most likely a health code violation.

Make sure to empty the basket of food debris and dripping oil into an appropriate container. You can use paper towels to remove excess oil. Wash the basket in a sink with dishwashing detergent or run it through a commercial dishwasher.

Make sure that there is no residue of grease on the basket after you clean it. Let baskets dry completely before putting them back in the fryer.

Clean The Exterior Of The Fryer

The exterior of the commercial fryer also accumulates grease and grime over time. To keep the unit clean, wipe it down each day, especially around the edges of the fry vats where grease collects. It is also important to keep the exterior clean because the excess grease will leak to the floor. Even if you have slip resistant flooring in your kitchen, workers can still slip and fall if they step onto a greasy spot.

Teach Your Employees Fryer Safety Tips

In order to decrease the chances of a deep fryer accident, you and your employees should adhere to some basic safety precautions.

  • All employees should wear non-stick shoes when working the deep fryer.
  • Make sure employees know the proper cooking temperatures and grease levels for the fryer.
  • Never climb on a deep fryer or reach over surfaces when the unit is connected to power or still hot.
  • Use the correct type of fire extinguisher to put out any fires. Consult with your local fire department on the proper extinguisher for a commercial kitchen.
  • Clean the floors around the fryer each day.
  • Never pour excess ice from frozen foods, such a fries, into the fryer to avoid bubbling and splashing of hot grease.
  • Before you perform any type of maintenance on your deep fryer, remember to disconnect the power and let the unit cool before cleaning.

Replace Defective Parts As Soon As Possible

When parts of the fryer malfunction, order replacement parts from your fryer parts supplier as soon as possible. You risk the safety of your workers when you operate a fryer with defective parts such as elements or timers. You do not want to risk causing a catastrophic grease fire by operating a malfunctioning deep fryer. You can order parts for major brands of commercial fryers from online restaurant supply stores.