Corporate Event Catering Plans

Sit-down catering and buffet-style catering are serving types used at corporate events. Consider the type of gathering that you will be hosting. Then, consult with a catering supervisor about the menu and serving styles that they offer.

The Event

Your event could influence the type of menu that you will be serving. The proposed duration of the affair, plus the overall vibe of the gathering, may make it more practical to serve a small menu of items or a wide array of foods.

List some details about the corporate occasion. Record information about the size and layout of the venue, the number of people who are projected to attend the gathering, the event theme, and the event duration.

Consult with the catering supervisor who you have hired. Go over the details that you have recorded. 

The Menu

A formal affair that will require that the attendees pay close attention to a speaker may warrant serving light fare. Salads, finger foods, and other light food items will satisfy hunger, without making any of the guests feel overly full or bloated.

A relaxing corporate gathering that will promote a celebratory vibe may support serving a multi-course meal or a wide array of items that are set up on a buffet.

Your catering supervisor will outline the various types of cuisine that can be prepared for the affair. They will help you select menu items that will be appropriate for the type of event that you are hosting.

The catered foods may include appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts. A supervisor will also go over drink selections. If you are hosting a formal gathering, the drink menu that you serve will likely contain non-alcoholic beverages. If you are hosting an informal gathering, the drink menu may include a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The Serving Style

The catering supervisor will review the schedule that you will be following during the corporate event. The schedule may influence whether sit-down catering or buffet-style catering will be a better fit.

If your invitees will need to remain focused, it will be convenient to have the catering staff serve all of the food and beverages. If the guests will have the opportunity to mingle with one another, it may be more appropriate to set up a buffet table. The buffet table can be used to display hot and cold foods. A separate table can serve as a beverage station.

To explore options, contact a corporate catering service in your area.