3 Types Of Vending Machines You Can Feature At Your Hotel To Better Accommodate Guests

Gone are the days when vending machines would spit out nothing but candy bars, bags of chips, and cans of soda. Nowadays, you can incorporate a full line of vending machines to meet the needs and expectations of your hotel guests. Here are just a few types of full line vending machines to consider investing in for your hotel:

Deli Items

You can give your hotel guests the opportunity to get their hands on cold deli items by installing a cold storage vending machine. Guests can grab lunch to bring along on their sightseeing tour, or end their long days with a quick dinner that doesn't require any preparation. They'll save money over going to restaurants around town, and that saved money could be spent on amenities and services that your hotel has to offer. Deli items that can be sold in your cold storage vending machine include:

  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Bagels with various fillings
  • Sushi rolls
  • Salads

Consider stocking a variety of different options to meet the various dietary needs of your guests. If something isn't selling well, you can always replace it with something else or an item that's already popular with your guests.

Frozen Meal Options

If your hotel rooms feature kitchenettes or even just microwaves, you can set up a frozen storage vending machine at your hotel so guests can easily get meals to prepare when they don't feel like doing any serious cooking or spending money at a restaurant. Your frozen storage vending machine can be stocked with items such as:

  • Burritos
  • Personal Pizzas
  • Frozen Entrees

You can also stock desserts like ice cream bars and popcicles for guests in the same machine that you stock frozen meals in.

Healthy Snack Foods

Dry storage vending machines don't have to be stocked with just junk food. You can encourage your hotel guests to stay healthy while on vacation by stocking a vending machine with a variety of healthy options. Of course, you can still offer the tasty chips and cookies that are found in most vending machines, but you can also sell stuff like:

  • Baked crackers, pretzels, and chips
  • Dried Fruits
  • Sugar-Free Candy
  • Granola Bars

You can even include drinks such as juice boxes, bottled water, and pre-packaged smoothies in your healthy snack vending machine.

Talk to your vending supplier to learn more about what types of full line vending machines they offer and to find out what food items would best serve your hotel guests.