Tips For Succeeding As A Coffee Roastery

The world of coffee is changing quickly. Rarely these days do coffee shops succeed in selling coffee made from pre-ground, bulk beans. Customers are caring more and more about the quality of their coffee. As such, one way to set yourself apart in the coffee industry is to roast your own coffee beans. But how do you succeed as a coffee roaster? Here are some tips.

Source Your Beans From Unique Places

If you want customers to come to buy your roasted coffee beans, those beans need to be different, in some way, from the coffee beans they might buy at a grocery store or less-specialized shop. The easiest way to accomplish that is to buy green coffee beans from a unique place. Perhaps, for instance, you can find some green beans from a small grower in Nicaragua or a less-known coffee plantation on the island of Maui. This gives you an instant marketing angle. You don't just sell everyday Colombian beans like the grocery store — you roast beans straight from Nicaragua!

Sell Brewed Coffee, Too

You may want your primary business to be roasting and selling coffee beans, but opening even a small cafe where you serve prepared coffee will really bring in customers. This way, they can have a cup of the coffee you're selling — prepared to perfection of course — and learn whether they like it before buying a whole bag of beans to take home. Some of your customers will likely start off as regulars at the coffee shop, but in time, they'll get more into coffee and end up buying beans to make more coffee at home.

Educate Your Customers

Some of your customers are sure to already be coffee aficionados. Others will be interested in coffee, but they won't know a lot — especially about fresh-roasted beans and how to brew them. So, if you can provide your customers with some education in this regard, it will go a long way towards making them more interested in buying your product. You could host seminars, share instructions on your website, make videos for customers to watch, and so forth. If you teach them how to make your coffee well, they'll appreciate you for it.

Running a successful coffee roasting company is not always easy, but it can be done. Follow the tips above, and you'll soon have a lovely following of customers who enjoy your products.

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