Two Barbecue Pork Chop Recipes for a Large Crowd

Whether you operate a catering business or have simply been tasked with cooking for a large family gathering, barbecue pork chops are a wonderful choice. They appeal to an array of tastes, and they go well with most any classic side dish, from coleslaw to baked beans. Here are two delicious barbecue pork chop recipes that work well for large crowds. Each recipe makes enough for 20 people, but you can easily scale the recipes up if you have more guests.

Keeping Your Commercial Fryer In Good Condition

When you invest in a commercial fryer for your restaurant, it is imperative to clean the device on a daily basis and perform regular maintenance in order to keep the cooking equipment in compliance with local health regulations. This will help to ensure that you enjoy years of trouble-free operation and minimal downtime. The following cleaning and maintenance tips will you to keep your commercial fryer in good condition during its lifespan and improve the safety of your kitchen.